Matt: Ice cream man — This was my personal favorite because it looked creepy and comical at the same time. I think its colors and creativity truly captured the mind of Tim Burton the best. Matt: Ice cream man RJ: Bell hop — I really liked this one, too. So cooky and creative! “You created such a strong character, you and your actor, that you could totally put him right in the hotel of the afterlife,” Cat Rayce: Cellist — “That cello, to me, is exactly what this challenge was all about,” Glenn said. “The fact that you’ve pulled pieces of the instrument into her face, really excellent job.”

Face Off Recap: The Whimsical World Of Tim Burton

The twisted, magical, whimsical world of Tim Burton was the central focus of tonight’s task on Face Off. Each of the remaining six contestants had to create a character inspired by an everyday profession, but transformed into something worthy of being featured in a Tim Burton film.